Prüfung für Akkreditive und L/CAssessment for letter of credit and LCContrôle d'accréditifs et L/CПроверка для аккредитивов  и L/CVerificación para cartas de crédito y L/C

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Russia forbidden import from Brazil since 01. Dec 2017

With beginning of 01 Dec. 2017 Russia dosen`t allow to importe pork an beef meat from Brazil...

[Translate to english:] Investors from China buy meat companies in Argentina.

[Translate to english:] Because of given information, investors from China bought 3 meatplants from...

Free Trade Zone Kaliningrad

Free Trade Zone Kaliningrad will be stopped in April' 2016.

Those once, which invested last years...

Survey of credits / banks / compensation transactions

  • Examination of products concerning the compensatory quality and quantity 
  • Adherence to the technical regulations according to contracts of the supplier in line with the criteria laid down, and where applicable, additional criteria
  • Issue of certificates for presentation to the participating banks
  • Clearance, discrepancies of contractual obligations
  • Cost analysis
  • Advice in regard to the improvement of quality arrangements for a product / provision against damage and loss